Create your next great venue by utilizing one of our uniqure spaces for your event or activities. Consider scheduling with Limspaces to organize a birthday party, photoshoot, corporate event, or private social gathering. Spend less time on logistics and more time looking forward to your event with Limspaces as we not only provide you spaces but also help you plan with your event. Booking with Limspaces gives you access to decorations, lights tables, smoke machines, projectors and so much more. Limspaces eases the event planning process by connecting you with many vendors, reducing the need to outsource items for your event such as decorations, catering,equipment etc. Limspaces offers a variety of event locations and one-of-a-kind settings for you to choose from. Check out all our locations listed below.

HM1 NW Dallas
Industrial Loft Studio
From $ 95

This industrial space is all set to host your next event. Located along Sparta Street… [more]

HM1 Old East Dallas
LAYD Space Penthouse
From $ 150

Great for all your event planning needs. This 2200 square foot home is located in… [more]

HM1 Deep Ellum
The Throne Room
From $ 70

The Throne Room is a natural light photography studio located in the center of Deep… [more]

HM1 Dallas
Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible
From $ 150

The Bentley Continental GT V8 offers sensational performance, outstanding efficiency, and a soundtrack to thrill… [more]

HM1 Dallas
Tesla Model X
From $ 100

Enjoy this breath taking Tesla Model X, Black on Black style with Black Leather interior.… [more]

HM1 Dallas
Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
From $ 125

This beautiful  black on black Corvette equals and outshines cars costing twice to three times… [more]

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Unique Spaces

We offer a wide selection of spaces. Each is unique and creative, be it neighborhood galleries or hidden rooftops. So, you are sure to find something tailored to you.

Honest Pricing

You pay what we display. Book from a range of venues and pay by the hour as there are no hidden fees.

Smart Booking

Messy contracts are a thing of the past. Our tools make it very easy to book a space as booking can be made at the click of a button.

Props and Services

A one-stop-shop for all your event needs. In addition to providing premium spaces, we provide guests with an option to add extra items like decorations, catering, lights tables, smoke machines, projectors,etc. to their venue, making it complete and avoiding the need to outsource anything.

Cost Saving

Limspaces helps you save costs by connecting you to different vendors for your event planning needs. This reduces the need to outsource and provides you with a nice event space along with special items to make your event complete such as decorations, catering and equipment. Want to host an event but are daunted by the event-planning process ? Fear no more as Limspaces offers a variety of unique event spaces to choose from while also connecting you with different vendors for decoration, catering and equipment.

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