What amenities does LimSpaces offer?

Some of the amenities available at our spaces include, free Wi-Fi, parking, refrigerator, heating/air conditioning, silverware, etc. You can book a space that suits your particular needs.

Is there free Wi-Fi?

Yes, all of our spaces have free Wi-Fi.

Is it permissible to smoke within the venue?


Will LimSpaces assist me with technological issues at my event?

Yes, we try our best to accommodate the needs of our clients as much as possible.

Can I run presentations from my own laptop?

Yes, All of our listings are laptop friendly.

We’d want to have our event recorded. Is this something you’d be able to help us with?

Yes, we can arrange that if required.

Is it permissible for me to bring in outside caterers or meals from my own home?

Yes, we allow outside vendors (catering, alcohol, DJ, etc.) but also offer in-house preferred vendors.

What is your alcohol policy?

Alcohol is permitted but cannot be sold inside

How many people can the spaces accommodate at a time?

We offer a wide range of venues that can accommodate from as less as 2 people to as much as 60 guest.


How do I book my event?

You can easily book one of our spaces online via our website or contact us at:

How can I make my payments?

Payments are made thru our booking portal

How far in advance should I book a venue?


How do I reserve a venue for my event?

Select listing and start booking

Can I cancel my reservation at any time?

Yes, Please read cancelation policy for details

Will you return my payment if I cancel my booking?

Yes Definitely, Please read cancelation policy for reimbursement details

Can I register at the venue?


Are there any age restrictions for registration?


What happens if the event is cancelled due to weather conditions?

Read cancelation policy for more details


What kinds of equipment do you have available, and how much does it cost?

Most of our spaces have equipment included in the booking cost. You can book a venue that fulfills your specific needs. However, additional equipment can also be provided if required. Prices vary depending on the equipment required and the vendor.

Do you allow outside audio/visual equipment to be brought in?

Yes, we allow outside vendors for audio/visual equipment but also offer in-house vendors.

What decorating choices do I have?

We can decorate your selected space for you according to the needs of your event, or you can arrange an outside vendor.

Do you allow candles?

Are there any restrictions on decorations?


Do you offer an event room that is wheelchair accessible?

Our LAYD Penthouse is wheelchair accessible.

Am I responsible for any of the cleaning?

No, we take care of all the cleaning.

Is it possible to cook on-site?

Yes, many of our spaces have a functional kitchen, stove, and silverware/dishes that you can utilize to cook on-site.

Are food/beverages permitted?

Yes, food/beverages from outside vendors are allowed at our venues.