The Throne Room

pin Deep Ellum

The Throne Room is a natural light photography studio located in the center of Deep Ellum’s artistic district
and is styled to blend in within its immersive culture. Everything is a backdrop here, with each portion of the
studio styled uniquely to cater to diverse artistic needs. The Throne Room is perfect for photo and video
shoots that can be used to glam yourself up and post on your Instagram or help bolster your brand image.
The Throne Room was used to promote 50 cent’s new Branson Cognac.

Parking onsite is paid, whereas the street parking fees depending on the time of the day. Street parking is
usually free, although those who arrive later in the evening may find that the parking is metered.

Throne Chair
Lighting Equipment
Green Screen
Throne Chair
Dressing Room
Wardrobe Rack
Natural Light


hr min

8+ hour discount

10% off